Transport Industry Takes Footy To The Regions


Monday 18 August marked the start of the second annual ‘Boots for Kids’ campaign which sees pre-loved footy boots delivered to indigenous kids around Australia.

Linfox will transport footy boots donated at Coles supermarkets throughout NSW and Victoria to rural and remote communities which have been identified in collaboration with Aboriginal land councils.

Fairfax Media have produced a short video (Link available from capturing the story of how season-old boots from the cities can make their way across the country to children in need, providing them with access to sporting opportunities which may have passed them by if not for the generous donation.

Last year over 5,000 pairs of footy boots – from all codes – were donated, cleaned up, paired with new socks and trucked to areas such as Gunbalunya in East Arnhem Land and Bayulu near Fitzroy Crossing in the Pilbara.

Have you got a pair of footy boots in the cupboard collecting dust? Why not dig them out and donate them to this fantastic cause.