The atmosphere!

These were the opening words from Michelle Harrop 2014 junior registrar and Under 10 team manager when asked what she enjoyed the most about the Rowville Football Club.

I just love the atmosphere, whether it’s on a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday morning. You are always greeted by other people whether it be other club members, coaches or players and you are always shown respect and appreciation.

A lot has changed since we first joined the club which we all know about so l won’t go over it again, but in 2013/2014 the whole value and meaning of the club changed for the better. We are a proud family club and this means a lot to me Michelle added.

Michelle has been married for 13 years and has 3 children, Maddie, Jack & Dylan and they certainly keep her busy.

I first got involved with the Rowville FC in 2012 when my middle son jack started u8’s, it was here that I took on the role of team manager Michelle advised us.

Rowville FC is our local club and Jack wanted to play with his mates from Auskick and wanted to play for Rowville. This proved to be very convenient for us as Seebeck is a 2 min drive from home.

When asked what she thought the club could do better Michelle said “I would love to see more family days and see more people to make abit more effort to attend events such as Sunday night dinners”. They are loads of fun and a great way for players and their families to get to know each other a lot better, obviously seeing them also supporting the seniors on a Saturday.

It is amazing how many people l see both on a Saturday at the seniors and then again all at the juniors on a Sunday, this is fantastic for the future of the club. I think we will have a ripper year for 2015 and let’s hope for a few more flags from seniors right down through the club, Michelle enthused. Whilst I am stepping down from team manager this season for the u11’s for 2015 to join the club committee l am hopeful someone will put their hand up.

I am loving being so involved with our club and my role as club register, I can see myself still playing a big part for years to come was her closing words.

We hope so to Michelle because you and your family are key members of our great club.


Favourite food: Seafood & Indian

Favourite movie: Blame it on me. George Ezra

Favourite TV show Goonies

Favourite AFL Team Hmmm from birth it was magpies but my boys are kangaroos so I probably have to lean more to the roo boys 4.

Other sports: I attempt to play netball with other mums from our local school weekly. I watch rugby and am still trying to understand the rules and I do watch a bit of the big bash.

For a relaxing holiday: Fiji and for a shopping to u drop holiday or Thailand

3 Dinner guests: Taylor Kinney – Chris Hemsworth – Channing Tatum