Life Membership Voting now open


In Accordance with Rowville Football Club Rules, the following nominations have been receivied for Life Membership.

Mark Hamilton

Matthew Brigham

There is no limit to how many Life Members can be elected in any year.

A brief summary to support each nomination is listed below, voting will be conducted by electronic ballot. Members Names are only collected to valididate eligibility and actual ballots are anonymous.

Voting Closes at 8PM on Sunday Feburary 1st, 2015

Life Members
6.1 To be eligible to become a Life Member of the Club a person must have:

6.2 been a Member of the Club for ten (10) years or more. For the purpose of this rule a person will be deemed to have been a member of the club during any period the person was a member of the Rowville Junior Football Club prior to 2009, or,

6.3 made an outstanding contribution, given significant service, to the club in a voluntary, honorary or professional capacity.

6.4 A nomination for a person to be admitted Life Membership must:

6.4.1 be submitted to the Secretary on the appropriate form, signed by a Proposer and Seconder and detailing why the person should be admitted to Life Membership, not less than twenty-eight (28) days before the Annual General Meeting. .

6.4.2 be submitted to all Members and Life Members for consideration not less than twenty-one (21) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

6.4.3 be voted upon by all Members and Life Members.

6.4.4 receive 75% of votes cast in favour of admittance to Life Membership.

6.4.5 be endorsed by a Special Resolution at the Annual General Meeting

5Any life member of the Club will have the same rights, privileges, benefits and obligations of Membership of the Club as a Full Member of the Club.

Voting Eligability

Please note only 2014 or 2015 Rowville Football Club Financial Members or Life Members are eligible to vote. Only one vote per nomination will be counted per member.

Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton has made an outstanding contribution to the Rowville Football Club.

Mark first joined as a member and supporter and has maintained membership in excess of 10 continuous years. Marks first official involvement with the club was in establishing an affiliation agreement as President of the Mossgel Park Junior Football Club that provided a pathway for junior players in the area to join the Rowville Football Club, this affiliation was extremely successful with a large number of players continuing their football with Rowville.

Mark took over as Director of Football in 2008 and his drive, commitment, professionalism and football knowledge have allowed him to develop and implement a football program that is unmatched in community football in Australia. Not only has the football program delivered, but it continues to deliver outstanding on field results. It has made a fantastic contribution in the personal development of each player that has played at the club in the past 10 years.

He was a driving force and intelligence behind the integration of the junior program and the development and implementation of the One Club One Culture program.

Mark has also made a significant contribution to fundraising having personally been responsible for events such as the Sportsman’s Lunch, annual golf day and annual comedy night as well as organising and driving major raffles and other significant fundraising activities.

He undertakes every activity with core values aligned with the club of Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Commitment.

Mark Hamilton’s personal commitment to the Rowville Football Club is unparalleled, he has always been prepared to do whatever it takes to progress the club and the clubs position progress and sustainability is largely as a result of his efforts.

Matthew Brigham

Matthew has been a member of Rowville Junior Football Club & Rowville Football Club for the past 27 years.

Matthew started as a junior at the age of 13 and as a 16 year old played in the under 18A team fielded by Rowville Junior Football Club.

Other highlights of Matthews contribution to the Rowville Football Club consist of:

Playing over 300 Junior and Senior games Runner for RFC Seniors under Paul Mynott
Vice President of Rowville Football Club in 1998
Previous general committee & social committee member
Matthew still remains an active member of the Rowville Football Club to the current day.

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