The Rowville Football Club announces 2015 playing leadership group.


After consultation with players and coaches senior coach Peter Bastinac tonight announced the 2015 playing leadership.

Matt Robinson will be captain with dual “Paul Mynott medallist” Alex Frawley his V/Captain and Nik Shoenmakers being elevated to Deputy V/Captain. The leadership group will be completed with the addition of a 6 man team consisting off Damien Garner, Matt Stanley Gav Willoughby, Mitch Garner, Daniel Zajak and Steve Georgiou.

Peter told us today “this gives us a good balance” across the list.

“Robbo” (Matt Robinson) is a good strong leader to have around the club and relates well to all players within the club whilst “Spud” (Alex Frawley) is clearly working towards being a premier “A list” player within the competion. Peter went on to say “Spud’s” approach to this preseason and his efforts to be a better footballer (after two consecutive B&F,s) is inspirational and a real credit to the lad, whilst “Shoey” (Nic Shoenmakers) just gives all he has got every training session and every time he plays.

The leadership group has a good mix of experience with Stanley and Willoughby whilst (even though they are both still young and learning) Georgiou and Mitch Garner have now played around 50+ senior games have earned tremendous respect within the playing group. “Polly” Daniel Zajak has been superb since joining the club and has really gone a long way towards helping raising the standards of everything we do on the track and the more l work with “Dimma” the more l see the benefit of how a couple of years in the VFL has grown him as a footballer.

I wish the boys well and look forward to working with them to help continue to build the overall list.

If all the players can look to this group for inspiration, guidance and support and continue to “do their best to improve themselves” l see a very bright future for the club, Peter finished.