Current under 9,s coach Glenn Townsend said he wanted to take on the coaching job as he still has a passion for football and loves watching the children having fun, develop their skills and becoming part of a team.

I remember my junior days very fondly and felt like I could be part of this for my son and other children wanting to give football a go. I have had a passion for football since I was a young boy up at Waverley football ground most weekends and started out playing when I was 10yo for the under 13’s at Glean Iris moving on to Springvale.

At 16 I started playing for the under 19’s and had some training sessions with St Kilda football club and played a couple of games for Fitzroy (under 16’s) and a preseason with Melbourne Under 19’s. During this time I was lucky enough to have been coached by the likes of Ian Stewart, Stan Alves and Ray Jordan.

I then left football to get on with life where most of this time I have spent in the building industry, now having my own business, Glenn informed us. I have been involved socially with Murrumbeena football for many years but now do not play instead focusing on being with the kids and coaching.

Most people know his son Jai, who is in the under 9’s and Glenn also has a daughter Tameekah.

He told us, my focus for preseason training will be teaching the kids to look for someone who is free when they release the ball. This is a skill which is valuable for later in football as the team then keeps possession of the ball and has more control over the game.

I expect kids away from the club to have kick to kick with mates and keeping fit and healthy and keeping their passion for football alive, this is still the best way to improve their skills Glenn believes.

Always having a footy in their hands at every opportunity.

My goal for next session with under 9’s is to teach them skills for the future. Basic skills such a ball handling, kicking and being aware of who is around you both in the opposition and your own team mates to name a few.

Key things I want to teach boys under my guidance would be how to play in a team, respect for yourself, your team, the opposition, the umpires and your trainers), leadership and mateship. When these things happen you have yourself a winning team right there.

He expects preseason to start 4 or 5 weeks before the first game.

Whilst he loves the football, Glenn went on to tell to say “I feel the cold more these days and love the beach when the weather is warmer”

3 people he would love to have over for dinner would be Nelson Mandela, Alan Boarder and Stan Alves! That would be an interesting dinner for sure.

Looking forward to another great season…….so are we Glenn, so are we.