Rowville Football Club - AGM Outcome


The club held our AGM covering the 2014 season on Wednesday night.

The evening was well attended and it was pleasing to see the interest in how the club had moved forward in 2014 and what is planned for 2015.

I am pleased to advise and announce the new structure of the Club Executive and General Committee for 2015.

Justin Grose – President

Paul Mynott – Vice President

Dean Bray – Treasurer

Tracey Treloar – Secretary

Tiffany Cestnik – Junior Administrator

Ian Skinner – Head of Football Operations

Michelle Harrop – Club Registrar

Craig Williamz – General Committee

Scott Palmer – General Committee

Gerard Maguire – Football Operations/General Committee

Michael Best – Football Operations/General Committee

The Club would also recognise the following outgoing executive/committee and volunteers for their selfless service to the club over a great number of years. Without such dedicated and selfless volunteer’s the club would cease to run and exist.

David Howlett

Sharon Johnson

Angela Whitta

Mark Hamilton

Scott Palmer

Jenny Ousley

Robert Whitta

Scott Johnson
I am also extremely pleased to advise that following a call for Rowville Football Club Life Membership, a special resolution was also passed during the evening to admit Mark Hamilton to Rowville Football Club Life Membership.

The club congratulates Mark for his selfless work over the last 8 years as our Football Director.

Whist the Club has been extremely well run and set up providing the foundations to move forward, like always we have a large amount of work in front of us to remain financially viable, off the field and competitive on the field.

We need more than ever continued assistance and the flow of volunteer’s, new members and interested parties. I need to stress that as part of our One Club – One Culture, we require all to help out and get involved and do their piece.

Do not leave driving the club to a handful of individuals. Its your club.

Personally I look forward to what is shaping up as an exciting but challenging year once again and I look forward to working with our entire club to build on the legacy that has been passed on to us.

A copy of the AGM Presentation can be found on our website at

RFC 2014 AGM Presentation 25022015


Justin Grose