It is amazing that this will be my 4th and final year as coach. My decision to apply to be coach again this season is to make a transition with another coach to hopefully play a major role and eventually lead the boys to playing senior football, this is the plan for 2015 Under 13 coach Darren Earp.

Most of the Under 13s are starting High School this year so hopefully they get settled and we can start preseason mid to late February. As much as football is a priority I certainly believe adapting to High School is more of a priority. Key focusses when preseason does start will be getting a very sound fitness base and developing and improving their skill levels Darren told us. For the last 3 years I have always stressed that love playing this great game, love learning more about the game, love improving and developing all aspects of playing football are most important. Respecting the game, officials, team mates and opponents is hugely important aspects of what l am teaching the boys.

Most importantly I want all involved to love each and every minute of playing for The Rowville Hawks and have heaps of fun doing so, he added.

Having grown up in East Doncaster and Templestowe Darren grew up with two sporting loves which were and still are Football and Cricket.

I have played cricket all my life and played junior football till I turned to football umpiring as a teenager. I made a short comeback to football to play Vets with Beaconsfield but injury hasn’t seen me able to play since.

It is amazing how quickly time goes by as my 2 children Jamie and Darcy have both now finished primary school and are now at Rowville secondary. Not only now do I still love cricket and football but appreciating all sports the older I get. A love of American Football and Ice Hockey is certainly on the bucket list of things to do and see as soon as possible.

When he gets time to relax music and films are my favourites but my taste in music some say is Devil music, He laughed. My favourite bands being Slip Knot and Metallica, having listening to Heavy Metal as a teenager it’s still hard to try and listen to anything else.

Movies and tv series are a must in my household. Nothing can go past Rain Man as being an amazing film with The Sopranos and Breaking Bad 2 of the best tv series I have watched he went on.

We closed by asking Darren 3 people he would like to have over for dinner.

After some serious thought he said, if I could have 3 famous people over for dinner I would make it 7.

To have a round table dinner with Adam Gilchrist, Gary Ablett Snr, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnston, Will Farrell, Steven Segal, Eli Manning (Quaterback of The New York Giants) and Torrie Wilson from the old WWE days to improve the looks on the table. What a dinner it would be, he smiled