Enthusiasm the winner


Having played footy for a long period of time with his juniors at Emerald and Eastern Ranges before moving onto senior grade playing at Ringwood and back at Emerald before a stint in Darwin 2015 Under 19,s coach Mark Wheatley found his calling in coaching.

He recently told us when we sat down to have a chat, l have always loved coaching – even when l was younger.

To this end , If l can help further help improve and nurture the players coming through l am fulfilling my role. Previously having coached our Under 17 side last season, Mark’s appetite to continue to grow and further his learnings made him an ideal candidate for senior coach Peter Bastinac to have join his team.

I love his enthusiasm and appetite to learn new things, he will be a ripper Peter told the club just after Xmas, he is doing everything l ask of him and that is all l expect from all my coaches. He has made a real effort to fit in since he arrived down here with us from Eildon Park for preseason.

Mark loves spending time with his Mum, Dad, sister and Little niece Ava in his free time. Outside this he also enjoys playing cricket at the world famous “snake pit” for HSD (Heinz Southern District) down at Hampton Park, horse racing and cheering on his beloved saints in the AFL.

He first got involved helping out his good friend Richard Jago, who he also describes as the “wackiest bloke” down at the club. I certainly believe a better plan is being put in place with an actual football agenda developing skills and techniques over all ages and this is just fantastic for everyone at the club, Mark enthused.

If l can help players get better l will take real satisfaction from that, if all grades play finals and as many young blokes as possible are getting exposure to play senior footy l will be stoked.

Mark who is this year doing his level 2 AFL coaches course finished with telling us if we further improve and nurture the culture around the club both on and off it and to encourage everyone to have a sense of ownership of the club then that is what we are all about and that’s why l love being involved.

Things we learnt about Mark

Favourite holiday spot Thailand

3 people he would have at dinner Shane Warne, John Lennon, Michael Jordan

Favourite song Everlong foo fighters

Favourite Movie Shawshank redemption

Favourite dish Spaghetti bolognaise

Favourite drink Bundy rum