New Under 8,s coach Scott Edwards has 3 boys playing at the Rowville FC.

He told us this year my eldest son Jai is playing under 13’s, Jake is under 11’s and Josh is starting under 8’s, Scott who is 45 and married to my wife Rachel likes spending time with the family and a a big fan of the Richmond Football Club. He enjoys watching a good mafia movie, fitting in a few beers on a Saturday afternoon and watching the boys play all of their sporting activities.

I have always worked in ‘Sales’, which is a positive thing because if I were to build a house it would definitely fall down, as I can’t hammer 1 single nail successfully into a fence, Scott laughed.

I tried to fix Jai’s bicycle puncture but stuffed that up, so thankfully the wife stepped in. I thank my dad for my exceptionally poor handyman skills, which is ‘ZERO’ he added.

Dislikes include, people who don’t wave or say thank you when you let them merge in traffic, along with family members who want to barrack for another club other than Richmond.

Other dislikes are, hanging out the washing, paying for a coffee that’s half full and people who don’t replace the toilet paper when it’s finished.

He played his entire junior footy for Gully Bluebirds who are now with UFTG and then went to Boronia for 3 years. S

cott said, I played all reserves / senior footy for Fairpark (now Eastern Lions) and coached the reserves for 3 years which I absolutely loved.


Favourite – Movie ? I have a few but I would have to say Mad Max 1 and Good Fellas
Favourite – Band/Music? Old time favourites are Kiss and Pearl Jam
What made you decide to apply to coach this season? I love being involved and have always wanted to get back to coaching. My son Josh is playing so I wanted to give him some time.
When do you expect your pre-season training to start? Mid-March
What is your key focus for pre-season training? To ensure the boys use the balls as much as they can. At this age it’s important they use the balls and not be distracted because their standing around.
What are you expecting players to do outside of normal training to improve their football? Practice the basics which will be handball , chest mark and kicking on their preferred foot. One step at a time.

What are your goals for next season? I’ll be making sure every player gets an opportunity to play in every position. Improve their skills from Auskick and learn positions on the ground.

What’s the key thing you want to teach our boys under your guidance? Have fun and learn about being a team not an individual.

If you could invite 3 famous people for dinner, Who would they be?

Mathew Richardson ( X Richmond GUN yes GUN ) , Jennifer Hawkins ( I wouldn’t know what to say but it would be worth it ) and Hugh Hefner ( Imagine the stories )