The thing I enjoy the most is the passion around the place, that was the immediate answer from Development side Asst coach Chris Peterson when asked what he liked the most about the Rowville Football Club.

The other thing l really love is that the bulk of our list are Rowville people that have come through the juniors and it really shows the way the boys play for the jumper.

I honestly believe we will continue to improve and that improvement will come from within the current squad, all they have to do is stick together and continue to do the hard work, Chris said.

We have a really young list possibly the youngest in the competition, the development side played off in the grand final last year with a side that had an average age of 20. Players like Paul McEwin, Jake Davis, Deon Boavida, Ben Kernick, Dylan Leader, Dan Ousley and Cal Burns just to name a few were all pivotal in that side and l expect them to be pressing hard for senior selection.

These players are all around 20 years of age and are ready to take the next step, it’s up to them to do it. My plans along with Stilly (Development coach Martin Stillman) are to continue to develop these young footballers and to prepare them for senior footy.

As a coaching group we are all striving to play finals in the seniors and have another solid year of development of the next tier of our playing list.

Chris went on to say to play senior grade finals I think this is the next step for the footy club, we have been extremely close the last two years.

In 2014 it was the close loses that hurt us in the end. We need to get better at closing out close games and being mentally switched on when we play opposition that we are expected beat, that will come with hard work and maturity of the senior side.

There are also plenty of supporters that are just as passionate. There are plenty of good people around the place and the players are a great bunch of blokes, that’s why l like being involved.

One of my good mates Trav Foster (Spearhead) was playing at the club and when I first got involved at the footy club back in 2003, I was the runner for the reserves and I did that role for 4 years.

Over the years I have had numerous assistant coaching roles and I have coached the Under 19’s which was very rewarding. The biggest change is definitely the professionalism, we have gone from 4th division stragglers to being competitive with any side in Division 1 in my time, he said.

There are plenty of characters l have met over the past 12 years but “Banga” (ex player/committeeman & president Dave Healey) is probably the one that stands out to me the most, always a smile and time for a yarn and a laugh Chris noted.

Married to Kirsten for 6 years with one daughter Piper, Chris enjoys playing the drums and going to the gym.


Favourite song Anything from The Butterfly Effect or Karnivool

AFL team Carlton

Other sports you watch/play I watch the NBA and the UFC alot. I play a bit of basketball too.

Favourite holiday destination Gold Coast

Favourite restaurant Hogs Breath

Favourite dish Mega cut calamari prime rib

3 people you would invite to dinner Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chris Judd