Calling all Volunteers - RFC in need of your help!


As we all know all sporting clubs are run through the efforts of countless numbers of passionate members and supporters. At Rowville Football Club we are no different.

We are seeking new volounteers and asssitance right across our club through weekday activities to helping with home games on a Saturday with the Seniors or Sundays with our juniors.

The club is not looking to burden our current volounteers and support staff in taking on extra duties and committing more of their time, instead we are seeking NEW members and supporters to step up and help the club in a range of rolls.

Ideally and as an example, we are seeking help in some of the following areas:

Saturday Home game raffle ticket sales
Saturday home game time keeping duties
Saturday helping with making sandwiches and fruit cutting for after match nutrition
Saturday helping with Hamburger Hill BBQ
Eildon Sunday morning set up coordination
Eildon Sunday afternoon pack up coordination
Sunday night meals at Seebeck

The above is simply an illustration of the type of roles we are seeking, there are many more!

So if you can offer an hour or two per week, please step forward, assist and contribute to the running of our club so that we can continue to remain a viable strength within the EFL both on and off the field.

Remember this is OUR Club!

Please contact Justin Grose or Paul Mynott on 0429 105 244 & with your expression of interest