RIP Roy D’Andrea - RFC Life Member


It is with regret that RFC advise long serving LIFE MEMBER Roy D’Andrea passed away last Saturday.

The club extends our sympathies to Roy’s family in this trying time.

Out of respect the club would like to provide a snapshot of Roys’ life and passion.

Guido and Giovanna D’Andrea came to Rowville in 1945 with their children Roy, Edda and Linda.

They farmed land in Heany Park Road and became yet another example of an immigrant family who, through hard work, made successful lives for themselves in the district. 

Roy D’Andrea came to Rowville in 1945 at the age of ten. His father Guido had bought 44 acres along Heany Park Road and the family moved into an old house on the property.

Conditions were austere in those days and Heany Park Road was just an unformed dirt track and there was no water supply (there still isn’t), electricity or telephone.

Their light was provided by kerosene lamps, all meals were prepared on the wood stove and food was kept fresh in an ice chest.

Roy and his two sisters Edda and Linda walked each day to Stud Road to catch the bus to Scoresby State School.

If they missed it they would have to walk to Scoresby. Later they attended Dandenong High School and also had to walk there at one stage when the bus service was suspended.

Fortunately they were usually able to get a lift home with someone. There was not much traffic along Stud Road in those days and Roy recalled that the closest traffic lights were at the corner of Dandenong and Warrigal Roads.

Rowville Football Club

As a young man, Roy was asked by Cr. Bernie Seebeck, “How would you like to be Secretary of the Football Club, Roy?” Naively, thinking there wouldn’t be much to do, he accepted but soon realised there was more to it than writing the minutes and the occasional letter.

He stuck at it however for four years, before taking on other positions with the club. He was proud to be a life member of the club and even up to last year regularly attended the club’s AGM as custodian of the club’s initial rules.

Rowville Fire Brigade

Guido was a member of the Fire Brigade when Jack Finn was the Captain. In those days their only equipment was beaters and knapsacks.

Roy joined the brigade as a young man and is its oldest member with over thirty years of service. He has held the positions of Second and First Lieutenant and for some years was the delegate to the Knox CFA Local Advisory Committee and the Knox Group Committee.

Up until Roy’s passing he still lived in the family home in Heany Park Road and although retired, is was still very busy in local affairs.
Out of respect for Roy, the senior teams will wear a black arm band when we take on South Croydon this weekend.

Thanks for your service ROY.