It's A Woman's World


Club Secretary Sharon Johnson is one of the “hidden gems” of the Rowville Football Club.

Rarely seen out in front yet “always” the rock when required and doing all she can for her beloved club Sharon has the unique talent to be able to “mix it with the boys” yet maintain the elegance and class of a true quality lady. Never one to shy away from making a hard decision at a committee meeting or offering her support for a bold idea the club wants to undertake in the name of progress her balanced view on life and what was required to turn the club into a “prominent force” within the EFL ranks should never be underestimated.

When questioned on how she initially became involved in the club that famous smile of hers shone through, it was back in 2009 and l remember it clearly Sharon claimed. “One night after too many Bacardi’s with Craig (Gold Sponsor Craig Williamsz from CD Autos) there was a bidding war between him and another friend Wally from UFTG – obviously Rowville won out and thankfully here I am”!

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