Taking Care Of Business In A Mans World


There are not many more male dominated domains than the change rooms of a senior football side. As such it takes a special kind of lady who can survive in that environment, not only survive but thrive by operating in a calm, measured and professional manner and that’s exactly what young club physio student Claire McLeod does week in week out.

Claire first got involved in the club via our major partner Rowville Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine. Prior to this Claire’s only involvement was doing a little work with the Wesley College First XVIII, outside of that “my only other involvement was watching the bulldogs doing not so well” Claire told us.

“This will be my 4th season at Rowville and I love being involved within the team environment. Getting the boys ready for game day, training and dealing with any injuries that occur are all part of my role and l really do enjoy it” said Claire. "The real downside to it though is being out on the field when Melbourne graces us with real wintery weather”

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