Development & Support Key Initiative For The Future


Having grown up around footy with her Dad’s involvement with the Noble Park Football club and having a great love and passion for the game newly appointed club Junior Football Development Officer Leeann Gill was always destined for a life of involvement in the great game of Aussie Rules. "It started way back in 1994 when her eldest son’s Vic kick ( as it was back then) needed a coach, so I thought “ I can do that”, later my youngest son’s Under 9 football team needed a Coach so I thought “ I can do that” she told us. Leeann has been coaching ever since!

We asked Leeann what she hoped to bring to the club to help in her role as Junior Football Development Officer” her reply was “my aim is establish a development and support program for coaches and pathway for players based on how Rowville wants to be seen on and off the field. So there is an easy transition from one age group to the other for players and the coaches".

“Hopefully with 20 years of experience being involved with junior/youth/senior football across all levels of ability and age groups, as well as the network from being involved outside the club, I can assist coaches, players and parents”.

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