Kurtis Flakemore For The Love Of The Club


Community Football Clubs depend on Volunteers and it is Volunteers who make a difference. If every member or supporter did one thing to help the club then we would have 800 people making a difference! One Member who identified an opportunity and just did it is Kurtis Flakemore and the Club is better for it. Kurtis became aware of the opportunity to get some equipment for the club through a Gatorade program where you collect labels and redeem them for Gatorade equipment and products, Kurtis didn’t tell someone else they should do it, he just did it himself and went on a mission to get as many Gatrorade Labels as he could. The result you can see for yourself, the club has over $1500 worth of equipment and product. Kurtis plays in our Under 13’s and stepped in in Round 2 when the EFL Boundary Umpires didn’t turn up for the Reserves Match and Kurtis ran the Boundary.Everyone at the club thanks Kurtis not only for the Equipment and Product but for the example of making a difference for the love of the Club!