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Fuelling the ‘athletic engine’!

Your ability to finish a game, race or training session strongly is often limited not by your overall fitness but by your nutritional and hydration strategies. Numerous studies have demonstrated that adequate carbohydrate intake is essential for athletes who wish to avoid depleting their glycogen stores for activities lasting greater than 60 minutes. Your carbohydrate ‘fuelling up’ strategies need to start well before your actual event.
Below are some ideas for pre match meals that are high in carbohydrates. Athletes with certain food intolerances such as gluten intolerance can still utilise many suggestions below with appropriate adjustments.

Sweet potato or baked potato with a low fat filling (fermented vegetable products such as Pats Veg featured in the photo are a great addition to optimise intestinal well being as they are rich in probiotics).

Risotto or other rice dishes (fried rice) combine with low fat additions (vegetables, tofu).

Breakfast cereal with low fat milk & fruit.

Pancakes with banana & maple syrup (use real maple syrup).

Creamed rice (available from supermarket in tins making transport very easy).

Wholemeal toast & tinned spaghetti

Sandwiches with cheese & salad

Sports or cereal bars

Fruit smoothie (banana, cacao powder, yoghurt is on of my favourites)

Wholemeal roll with banana & honey filling

Remember that after your race, training or game, start the process of recovery with a snack that contains 50-100 grams of carbohydrate.