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Soft Tissue Massage – How & why?

As a season progresses, most players will get some form of niggle or injury. It can be a mild discomfort that you may not feel once you are warmed up, but ultimately could result in something a little more serious. We have provided you tools on warm up, stretching and recovery that cover most of what is required to address niggles or injuries, however sometimes they will not completely return you to 100%

Soft Tissue Massage, whether administered by a sports trainer, myo or massage therapist, or perhaps even by yourself, can speed up and enhance your recovery from injury. Most importantly, in combination with a strengthening and stretching program, soft tissue massage can help safeguard against re-injury and longer on the sidelines.

In some instances, soft tissue massage is something that each player can utilize in combination with stretching, foam rolling and other recovery techniques. However for an even better outcome utilize your sports trainer or the Remedial/Myotherapy team at Rise Health Group.

So how does soft tissue massage help?

1. Reduction in muscle soreness is the first positive effect. The grounds get heavier in the wet conditions, accumulative wear and tear of the season and the fact this is a contact sport all contribute to muscle soreness. Soft tissue massage increases blood flow to the muscles, assisting to clear out toxins ie. lactic acid, as a result of exercise and bring fresh blood and nutrients to the recovering muscles.

2. Increased flexibility, coupled with strong muscles, will enable you to get more range of movement and performance out of your muscles. Inflexible muscles are more likely to fail under load or stress and may eventually lead to injury.

3. Quicker recovery from matches results when utilizing soft tissue massage as it speeds up the natural process of eliminating muscle soreness. A speedier recovery enables you to put more into mid-week training and preparation for a weekend match.

4. Correction of muscle imbalance, coupled with a strengthening program, can ensure your body is not compromised and more susceptible to injury. Soft tissue massage cannot address muscle imbalance on its own but enables you to build strength to address the muscle imbalance.

5. Prevention of re-injury is an important outcome of soft tissue massage through the process of recovery, whether it be through your injury rehab program or just to return fatigued sore muscles to a game ready state.


If you have any questions about remedial massage or myotherapy please contact the team at Rise Health Group.

We hope this information and tips help you to perform at your peak.
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